Monday, February 7, 2011

Turn Turn Tern

Turn, turn, tern . . .

wheeling memes swirl in my head
.. like memories, clouds and sky-dancing starlings,
..... waiting... for a passing falcon to scribe new patterns

once... water was medicine
.. and there were spirits at every source,
..... nymphs of the springs to Aphrodite of the waves

while fish evolved to walk
.. becoming fisher folk and missionaries netting men,
..... now... we quibble over ontogeny and phylogeny

I heard, clean water is a right
.. yet... today it is worth my life to set foot in some,
..... and "business" whines about being over-regulated

perhaps... as I slosh my allocation,
.. simply on loan for the span of my life,
..... home... is a return to "the great polluted puddle"

--r.anderson 8Feb2011