Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aseasonal Wallowa Wanders . . .

Aseasonal Wallowa wanders...

A short check during a moment of sun,
..this warm weather in deep mid-winter,
....has many species confused.

There are no bluebirds evident
..in front of this front, gleaning and moving,
....just a prairie falcon and harrier.

Bird predating raptors watching,
..where sharptails and partridges gather,
....and meadowlarks hide in holes.

Flocks of robins are gathering,
..where junipers offer both cover
....and a reliable resource of berries.

Starlings, that ever reliable and adaptable
..beastie, is pairing off and exploring
....every hole that could become a nest.

Folks with greenhouses are dancing
..with glee, first seedings of greens
....are already harvestable size.

--r.anderson 15Feb2011