Wednesday, August 31, 2011

last day of August

well, it looks like summer!
yet the snap to the morning
predicts: “fall today, and
t'other soon.” it is enough.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Souciant saute...

a handful of finely
  chopped onion bulbs
a sprinkle of sedum
a clawful of sliced couse
a few cattail corms
 sauteed and simmered
 seasoned with a
scamper of squirrel or
gobbets of gopher or
a crawling of crawdads
presented in a bed of spring blooms
  bighead clover, Tolmie's onion, yellow fritillary
and seasonal greens... montia, spring beauty
a feast...  fit for one who is part of the land.

                          r.anderson   15Mar2011 

Ta'c meeywi (good morning)

the delicate thunder
of feral apples and

rain at three in the
morning. by night lightning,

a buck reaches – and
in the morning,

a fresh browse line! and
a calling card – if you

know how to read it.
the message is simple.

just a line of pellets
left behind to say,

“you know who it was
. . . yes, he was here.”