Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sighting Reports

hay run sightings, 2/20
(conditions: snowing and graders)

songiesandjuncos, frozenroses
some big black flapping thing

eightravensraving - and a

magpie in a fruit tree

hay run sightings, 2/19
(conditions: high snow, low speed)

the traditional redtail among the Joseph cottonwoods
four chubby starlings, a real-deal redwing
fifty cows to drive through without damage to my rig.

male china pheasant in a game of chicken with a pick up
is that a prairie falcon with the stripe-y cheek?

deer droppings in the birdseed on the walkway home

late snow sightings, 2/16
(conditions: 4" new snow)

eighteenravens pickingthedeerbones,

another mature bald, a magotty pie, two wet horses
in the driveway, starling with redwing delusions

meacham run sightings 2/11
(conditions: spring'scomin', dry)

raveninthemedian, clutchofmergansers
inthecanyon, twosquinchedgbh, flying

hay run sightings 2/9
(conditions: cold and high-falutin')

on a phone line star-star-star-star- star- star- star- lings.
against a snow field: black part of the magpies.

cockedheadedkingfisher. sunonsnowonsunonsnow.
 a pair of china pheasants - the male dive bombing
the highway.

the brakes worked, well enough.

hay run sighting report 2/8
(conditions overcast and flakey)

baldeaglestompinginthefield, roughieonnapole

darkredtailgliding, starkredtailstaring

pieces of eight, pieces of eight!

sighting report, 2/6
(conditions, slushy and undercast)

fourjuncos, gaudychinapheasant, hunkeredkingfisher, wetredtail -
teflonmagpie - redandbluespeckledticketgiver