Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sucker holes . . .

Even the news, started this day
..  with promises of "brief periods of sun"
It was true...  I blinked several times
..  to get the rain and sleet out of my eye...
 ...    and nearly missed my shadow, each time.
Portland, at least, got smarter
..  with a pavilion for the opening Saturday Market.
Though... I heard that Portlanders are prone
..  to hide from the sun even when it does happen.
...    "What's that bright thing in the sky?"
I'd even consider dropping bait in a sucker hole
..  but the ice is gone and steelheaders
...    are thrashing the river to a froth . . .
Isn't that one of those "higher orders of prayer"
..  conducted with a fishing rod in hand?
                        r.anderson  5Mar2011