Friday, March 25, 2011

Creative Evolution

An evolving phenomenon is upon the scene
  creative evolution as its mean . . .
    for the seen is becoming more cluttered
      with artificial machines that flutter.
There goes "Festo" the flapping smartbird,
   and over here is SNARK...
     "the meanest VTOL UAV on the planet",
        hark, there goes a hummingbird nano flying vehicle.
Flying fish, bees and bugs in development,
  condors, eagles, darkstars and global hawks,
    predators, sea ferrets and dragonflys . . .
       there is no end of snooping machines.
All that watch in places once unseen,
  many that shoot... to kill and maim,
    and there are robotic crawlers for the darker places,
      robotic geckos and spiders, crawlers and worms.
The seen of the human scenes, broadens,
  as we expand the 'cene of the anthropocene
     to include endless possibilities, uncluttered
       by deliberations of ethics or druthers.
                                   --r.anderson   25Mar2011 /irp/program/collect/uav.htm