Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pilloring shibboleths . .

 .yep...   a really great tourista draw . . .
  for the artsi-fartsi village at the end of the road
soap-boxes for rent on divers street-corners
  for shirtless cowboys spouting poetry
    or bully pulpits for righteous wolf-baiters
       perhaps a bit of street theater with free muffins on the side
what better place to find a local county commissioner
  or under-employed military retirees
dipping deeply into the public coffers . . .
  perhaps there's even some local union
    suitable for bashing for all our local ills
       and of course we can always hang a few effigies
life is good in this far-away place
  where there are more elk than people
and the cattle out-number everything else put together
  just check our stream bottoms 
     and the picturesque canyons and plateaus
        scoured and plowed by private interests
                                           r.anderson   9Mar2011