Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Salix exigua

salix exigua

Dense splash of green/knifelike leaf on the waterway…

coyote willow

sandbar willow

generally narrow-leaf willow

Claiming the western four parts in ten
of the NorthaMericanContinent.
Creeping and sprouting ten feet in 20 years.

Today an ornament with employment --
stopping runoff – mostly.

previously: part of a sweat lodge;
medicine for a cold, laryngitis,the rheumatiz;
fever bark (Original Aspirin);
tea for V.D. or other uneases;

ritually: a ceremonial drink.

day to day: fodder for critters;
mat and basket fixin’s;
makin’s for clothes.

practically: kindling;
tongs and tools to cook;
parts for hunting gear or
fishing weirs.

for fun: sticky sweet treats and
tobacco wrappers; toys for the old,
toys for the young.

Willow exigua –
Versatile for any exigency.

--Kathy Bowman