Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Because You Don't See It

Just because you don’t see it

there’s a hunter’s moon tonight.
I know it’s there, somewhere
under the horizon or over the rain.
it plays hide and go seek behind

the single incandescent bulb
in the lamp on my desk. you’ll find
it nestled under the thunder of
crabapples dropping on the roof.

hunters, I can guarantee that all
the deer will come seeking dessert
tonight in my yard, though they may
bound away should the neighbor dogs

moan; then stop quick: like that. it’s said
in the dark the woods kitty strolls right through
our town, though the safely acclimated
house cat doesn’t care. she simply opts

for self-hypnosis through pure comfort
in front of the log fire. we take turns pretending
not to hear even the dazzling, scratchy tracery
of rodents making rounds in the cabin walls.

Z Grrrl eyes the moon, Oct. 2010
Zumwalt Prairie Poetry Cache