Tuesday, December 20, 2011

herdsmanship by Mythos

Loki knows: Goats are not "little cows"
and sheep should not be
in the same sentence
as goats. They dine differently.

Think of goats as Olympian
first cousins to deer -
with the fastest metabolism of
any ruminant under the sun. Godlike.

Just ask Apollo – he says he sees them
snacking all day
on the choicest weeds and leaves –
all over the territory.

Hera, that domestic goddess,
in her second career
as a personal trainer, recommends
roughage and low protein, nothing too hot.

Despite what any satyr will tell you,
too much grain
will not produce an Olympian,
nor a satisfying sex life, nor good kidding.

Just ask Thor, who goat-powers
his entire chariot -
then parks by a campfire
somewhere, and eats them for dinner.

But the next day, there they are,
back carting him around.
Still, you'll need to ask Zeus and Athena
for the rules of water-into-wine herdsmanship.

How it is he gets them to regenerate like that
is a puzzle only Minerva knows. 

But on Olympus, the first rule
of intelligent herding is ... keep all the bones.

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