Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heartwarming story of the week

It’s one of the old timers' dad's sons 
who rescued the situation -
gave the kids a donation 

at their car wash big enough
to buy gas to send everyone 

to the Big Contest, which
they won, pretty much 

against all odds, and now
we plan to put up a sign 

at the edge of town, “Home
of the Big Prize Winners for 2010” – 

or we would if we could just agree
whether that’s appropriate. So then
the son of the old timer’s dad
pretty much takes things
into his own hands the way
he pretty much always does,
and now that proud slogan graces
a newly painted, rather hideous
old barn on the edge of town,
and everyone is quite
unexpectedly happy.

from news from a small town poetry practice, August 2010